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What is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse (CMHN)

Credentialed Mental Health Nurses (CMHN) are nurses who have extensive postgraduate training and experience in the field of mental health. It is a specialised branch of nursing with a focus on the care of people with mental health concerns. CMHN’s work with their clients to promote psychological well-being and emotional health and physical well-being. Working with their clients to understand their mental health concerns, to learn how to manage and monitor their symptoms and be aware of what can exacerbate their mental health concern. 

Where are Credentialed Mental Health Nurses?
They work in specialist mental health settings and generalist settings across the age and illness spectrum – from perinatal and infant mental health, child and adolescent mental health, adult and older adult mental health – and across health promotion, early intervention and primary practice, community-based (acute, medium and longer- term), generalist inpatient (e.g. emergency departments) and acute, sub-acute and forensic inpatient settings. Specialised programs may focus on people who experience particular mental health conditions. They work in a variety of clinical roles such as community mental health, consultation-liaison (in emergency departments and general hospitals), private practice, primary care e.g. with GPs, mental health units, forensic services. They also work in a variety of other roles such as universities, policy positions, government advisory positions, and nursing organisations.

When should I see a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse?
Credentialed Mental Health Nurses can help you when you experience mental health concerns, illness and difficulties that have an impact on your ability to manage the demands of day-to-day life.

What can a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse do?
Credentialed Mental Health Nurses understand mental health issues and disorders. They have the training, skills and expertise to assess your situation and to offer effective treatment to you or someone you know.

They are skilled in

  • mental health promotion and prevention,

  • mental health assessment, care planning and interventions,

  • specialist counselling and psychotherapy

  • Physical health management

  • Psychosocial interventions including skills training and coping enhancement

Credentialed Mental Health Nurses can also work as a team with other health professionals from whom you are receiving treatment and support.

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