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Hi, My name is Meleeta, some of you know me as 'Mel' or 'Ms Mel'.

Formally, I am a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Registered Nurse and Play Therapist.


For over 20 years I have had a professional career that supports children and families with grief and loss in some shape or form. In recent years I have worked with children with complex needs, emotional, psychosocial difficulties, trauma and/or disability.


Evolve Well Health has been established as a wellbeing space that provides a collective of professional speciality therapies. My primary role is to provide emotional and behavioural support to children in our community aged 2-12 years.  


Some of you may know that I respect and value the performing arts, on how it facilitates creative expression and release.  Over the years I have taught Adult Ballet Barre, StoryTime Ballet and at times Chi-ball Dance.   With Evolve, it is a real celebration to be able to integrate health and wellness into one dedicated space and I cannot wait to see what the future may bring!

My approach has always been caring with every interaction supporting children and young people, in a way that makes sense to them, so they feel a sense of being seen, heard and understood.


I draw upon a range of counselling modalities, narrative, gestalt therapy, mindfulness, however with children, I have found that a creative play based approach resonates. Therefore, I have chosen to bring a quality evidence based, humanistic intervention to my work, which is Child Centered Play Therapy.


I am looking forward to this adventurous year, returning to Early Intervention and most importantly collaborating with my sister Josie who has worked tirelessly building her business in Clare, who warmly extends her knowledge, skill set and mentorship to Evolve. 



ABN 346 717 175 61

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